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Trimix Gas Blender

Trimix Gas Blender

This Program is designed to train competent personnel in the safe handling of oxygen and the preparation of Trimix and Heliox.

What do you need to enroll in this program?
  • Any person can take this class, it does not need to be a diver.
  • Age requirement:
    • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
What is the minimum materials requirements?
  • IANTD Gas Blender Student Kit.
  • Must own or have unlimited access to:
    • An oxygen analyzer
    • A Helium analyzer
What this program must include?
  • Academic Sessions
  • Gas Blending Sessions
    • Preparation of at least 10 mixes between 3 diferent Trimix mixes.
    • Each of the 10 mixes shall have a final oxygen (O2) content within ±1 % of the target amount.
    • Each of the 10 mixes shall have a final helium (He) content within ±3 % of the target amount.
Wherever you want to go, IANTD can take you there!!

One of IANTD differentials in the formation of any confident and safe IANTD Diver is our training philosophy known as:

    • Wisdom;
    • Attitude;
    • Training;
    • Experience;
    • Repetition.

A relaxed confident diver is a safe diver who will enjoy exploring inner-space and pursue diving adventures for a lifetime.
by Tom Mount

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