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International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers

We has been at the cutting edge of diver training for more than 30 years. From the first nitrox course in the world to our Tek Lite programs which allow for reduced narcosis in the entry-level tech depth range, through to CCR Cave and Expedition Trimix, we've been setting the standard since the very beginning.
We offer a complete range of training courses from Open Water Diver through to Expedition Trimix using both open and closed circuit equipment and a full range of cave diver training programs. Our instructor trainers and instructors represent some of the very best technical divers and educators in the USA and all over the world.
All our programs, from entry level upwards, equip a diver with the skills and knowledge to become a safe, responsible, self-sufficient diver, in depth survival skills mentally and physically. It's a philosophy reflected in our Open Water Nitrox Diver course - why not start with the safety benefits of Nitrox from your very first dive? - and continues throughout all our training programs.
In 1985, we released the world's first enriched air diver certification - 10 years before other agencies followed suit. Since then, we've stayed at the very forefront of diver education, leading the way so that others may follow.

Welcome to IANTD


IANTD & Diving Pioneers
IANTD was founded by the pioneers of technical and scientific diving!
IANTD was the First to Teach EANx
IANTD was the First to Teach Trimix
IANTD was the First to Teach Open Water Sidemount
IANTD was the First to Teach Trimix for Recreational Sport Divers
IANTD was the First to Teach In Water Recompression
IANTD was the First to Teach Rebreathers


IANTD General Statement of Objetives.

IANTD’s mission is to explore the opportunities and challenges of Recreational Diving, which includes all forms of Sport Diving, Nitrox, Advanced and Technical diving, in order to foster openness and individual responsibility, and to provide a standard of care for instruction in the diving community. IANTD and its members strive to be honest, ethical and fair in all our venues. We also believe that there are universal principles that are more absolute. We try to live by them. We envision our mission activities in the following areas:

Public Awareness & Advocacy

IANTD is working to promote openness in the diving community; to share procedures, techniques and operational methods with divers seeking to expand their diving experiences. In the interest of safer diving we encourage freedom with discipline allowing for development of new methods and procedures but recognizing the need for an accepted safety envelope. IANTD will stay informed on diving developments and include them in its diving activities.

Safer Diver Program

IANTD believes individual diver responsibilities are developed through rigorous skill refinement and experience in the water. Vigorous instruction with a strong student / Instructor relationship, enhancing a transfer of the diving responsibility to the student, is the essence of our teaching philosophy.

Program Development & Refinement

IANTD has developed Programs to increase diving knowledge and skill levels. We will continue refining these Programs, based on reports from Instructors in the field, to improve and strengthen their value to our membership. We will continue to develop a set of core values that apply to sport and technical diving. IANTD Standards and Procedures have been developed and have evolved to allow worldwide recognition of skill and knowledge at each qualification level addressed by IANTD.

Fostering Community

Much of the work IANTD has done has been directed at fostering a sense of community in the diving world. The diving community, by virtue of its size, needs internal cooperation to prosper and grow; anything less is counter-productive.