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This are the valuable IANTD Ambassadors!
Kurt Storms - Instructor Trainer
Kurt Storms - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
For me, the only organization that works for me. Years ago, I Came in contact with IANTD, and my world opened up. The knowledge I gained then made me the instructor I am today. For me, IANTD is the market leader in Technical diving, and let it be these dives that fascinate me. So why go and get our knowledge from someone else, when you can learn it from the source. Also, the support given to instructors and students are of unseen value. Even after your course. For this reason, I remain committed to the organization where my heart is, IANTD.
Luis Sanchéz - Instructor Trainer
Luis Sanchéz - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
I Love IANTD because the founders of this agency were the pioneers in technical diving and my inspiration to grow in my tek diving area , IANTD has been the first agency to open new courses that are now available in the market and the main directors in charge are awesome professionals and great persons.
Mel Clark - Instructor Trainer
Mel Clark - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
It was through a stroke of luck that I found myself a member of IANTD. This luck I will never forget. IANTD has allowed me to grow as an instructor through amazing support and allowing me the freedom to teach to the highest standards I can. I cannot say enough great praise I have for the agency. They truly care about the people who are training the students and quality of instruction that is provided under their name. As an instructor for them I am given the freedom to teach to the highest level I am able without restrictions. IANTD as a agency is one of the first and finest technical training agencies who are still blazing the new path we all follow in this ever evolving underwater technical and CCR diving world.
Carlos Janovitch - Instructor Trainer
Carlos Janovitch - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
IANTD is the easiest agency to work with, is very proud of its instructors and deals directly with HQ Brazil and USA. It gives a lot of value to its instructors, in short, a great family!
Cesar Gentile - Instructor Trainer
Cesar Gentile - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
In more than thirty years dedicated to diving, I have been able to witness many things, joys, sadness, mistakes, successes, learning. Among the many experiences mentioned above, in the different agencies I worked for, one of them made me better in several aspects as a person, diver and professional. Seriousness, pioneering spirit, suitability, ethics, technical competence, credibility, all this and much more can only be found at IANTD! For these and other reasons I love IANTD!
Gabriel Katter - Instructor Trainer
Gabriel Katter - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
Gabriel Katter, better known as "Gaba", is a diver for 35 years, 22 of them as an IANTD instructor. He has a great passion for IANTD for a long time, for several reasons, but mainly for its pioneering spirit, safety, and true interest in training true divers, always striving for quality not quantity.
Don Bailey - Instructor Trainer
Don Bailey - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
IANTD gives me the ability to share my love and passion for the underwater world with new students every day. The thought of igniting a flame in the next generation of divers that can one day change the world is invigorating and my new calling. Being able to make self-sufficient, self-reliant divers unafraid to ask questions is a testament to IANTD's commitment to excellence and the trust they have in their instructors to create divers that can think critically. The opportunity to work with people you learned and read about through your diving career and have them appreciate and care about your input shows that IANTD is still dedicated to being the innovators that they were and continue to be. I'm honored and consider myself fortunate to be a part of such an amazing organization and look forward to our continued success as technical diving argonauts.
Doug Ebersole - Instructor Trainer
Doug Ebersole - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
I feel fortunate to have been associated with IANTD for over twenty years. I first came to IANTD as an advanced open water diver looking for technical diving training, I was impressed immediately by the thoroughness of the training, both in terms of the academics and the in-water skills. Several years later I became an IANTD instructor which I consider one of the best decisions I have made in my scuba diving career. Led by pioneers in the technical, cave, and rebreather diving arena, IANTD has always been and continues to be a trail blazer with new courses and new materials as technical diving evolves, while always emphasizing safety and quality. They have allowed me to grow as a diving professional and have always provided me the support I need to train students and instructors so that they achieve their diving goals and reach their highest potential. I am truly proud to be a part of the IANTD family.
Dustin Proper - Instructor Trainer
Dustin Proper - Instructor TrainerIANTD Ambassador
I am an active IANTD Instructor Trainer who can be spotted at dive sites enjoying the underwater world. I am proud of teaching IANTD programs and offering training programs on the forefront of the industry. IANTD truly is a family and is more than just an agency.
Robert Meyer - Instructor
Robert Meyer - InstructorIANTD Ambassador
Diving is an adventure that was created by visionaries and pioneers. And IANTD was established by the same type of visionaries. Long before “technical” diving even had a name, IANTD was there pushing the boundaries of the sport. While other agencies now embrace Nitrox, CCRs, and mixed-gas diving, IANTD was the original agency that set the standards and paved the way for the rest to follow.
Frank Aron - Diver
Frank Aron - DiverIANTD Ambassador
IANTD offers a very structured education which fits my strengths and weaknesses. The instructors adapt their program to my specific needs, and I don't have to learn things I will not need in my further tech dive career. This all is associated with a cool community who practice what they talk about.
Emerson Covisi - Instructor
Emerson Covisi - InstructorIANTD Ambassador
IANTD is a serious agency that represents me as a diver! I am proud to be part of an agency that has pioneered many levels of training in recreational and technical diving, such as nitrox, trimix and others!
International Association of Nitrox Divers, IAND, was formed in 1985 in response to the needs of the diving public. Up until that time, mixed gas diving and the use of decompression gasses was limited, in a formal way, to military and commercial divers.