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Whatever you want to do - whether you're completely new to diving and would like to explore the world's tropical reefs or you're an experienced diver wanting to discover the silent world of rebreather diving or the majesty of underwater caves - IANTD can get you there. Our diver training programs offer a means of diving more safely and in more environments - whatever your level and interests...

IANTD Leader in diving education


We are the Leaders in Diving Education!

IANTD was founded by the pioneers of technical and scientific diving!
In 1985 IANTD introduced the use of Nitrox mixtures for sport diving 10 years earlier than others!
IANTD was the first to teach diving with Trimix!
The Side Mount Diving was introduced by IANTD to sport diving in open water in 2006, six years ahead everybody else!
In 2006 IANTD was also the first to offer training programs with mixtures of Trimix for the recreational sport diving market through the IANTD programs of Recreational Trimix Diver and Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver.
The IANTD once again made history and in 2012 launched the training program In Water Recompression - IWR for the sport diving market!
IANTD was the first to introduce and offer rebreather training at all levels, recreational and technical market. IANTD also has the most complete selection of training programs including Open Water Diving to Expedition Trimix Diving.


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IANTD New Logbooks