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Board of Directors

When you call to IANTD HQ, you will be able to have assistance to the following personnel!

Luis Augusto PedroIANTD COO

Active Board of Advisors

Joseph Dituri, M.S. - BOA Chairman

Doug Ebersole M.D., Lamar Hires, Brian Kakuk, Eric Keibler, Morten Lindberg, Christian Heylen, Dave Thompson, Martin Robson, Tero Sinkkonen, Matti Anttila Ph.D., James Mims, David Sawatzky M.D., Georges Gawinowski, Joao Rosario, Joe Citelli, Gregg Stanton M.S., John P. Jones, Melanie “Mel” Clark Ph.D., Phil Short, Simon Pridmore, José Mario R. Ventura, Michael Silva Netto, Jeff Johnson, Jim Wyatt, Masayoshi Kondo,
John Conway, Steve Tippets, Jacek Lubowiecki, Andrew G. Silverman, Mark Derrick, Andrzej Kruczkowski, Ronaldo C. Possato Venancio and all of the IANTD Licensees.

International EMERITUS Board of Advisors

Fabio Amaral, Jean-Claude Chappuis, Shelly Orlowski , Peri Blum Psy.D., Gilberto De Oliveira, Jeff Waugh, Frans Vandermolen Ph.D, Carl Douglas, Erika-Leigh Haley, Richard Pyle, Wings Stocks, Garry Howland, Vebjørn Karlsen, Barbara Lander, Mark Leonard, Dick Long, Noel Sloan, MD., Morgan Wells, Ph.D., Victor Williams, GaryTaylor, Tom Huff, Don Townsend, Billy Deans, Richard Bull, Lee Somers, Ph.D., Nancy R. Easterbrook, Jill
Heinerth, Kevin Gurr, JP Imbert, Mark E. Fowler, Jeff Bozanic Ph.D., Richard Pyle, Leon Scamahorn, Peter Ready, Kim Smith, Martin Parker, Kevin Gurr, Mauricio DeFendi, Chauncy Chapman, Tomar Gross and Priscilla Tan.

International Association of Nitrox Divers, IAND, was formed in 1985 in response to the needs of the diving public. Up until that time, mixed gas diving and the use of decompression gasses was limited, in a formal way, to military and commercial divers.